Tennis Equipment

Tennis Equipment to Get Started

If you are getting started playing the game you may be wondering what tennis equipment you need to get you going. One of the great things about tennis is that it requires little in terms of gear. A good tennis racket that feels comfortable to you and fits your style of play is an important investment.

It’s important to size your tennis racket correctly. While the head size is mostly personal preference and length is fairly standard in modern rackets, grip sizes can vary greatly. It’s important to size your grip correctly to avoid the racket from slipping and any potential discomfort.

You also want to be sure you invest in a good pair of tennis shoes that have adequate lateral support. Unlike running shoes that are designed to be used for forward motion, tennis shoes require proper support for movement in all directions. It’s important that you invest in a good pair.

Besides these two requirements and a few cans of tennis balls, the only other equipment you need is comfortable clothes to play in. During warm months a t-shirt or comfortable polo shirt and a pair of shorts with pockets are all you need. During colder months, some sweatpants and a jacket or hoodie should be enough to keep you going.

Additional Gear

These are the basic requirements. If you are looking for additional gear to help you with your game, you can look into tennis racket overgrips to help you better grip your racket and tennis racket vibration dampeners for shock absorption and comfort.

You may also want to invest in a pickup hopper to help you collect and store the balls during training. For the protection of your equipment and carrying ease, a tennis bag/backpack can be helpful.

If you play in the sun quite a bit, a visor or cap is helpful to block the sun. Athletic sunglasses are another good option for eye protection. It’s always a good idea to wear sunscreen as well and bring some extra water and a towel, particularly on very hot days.

For the Serious Player

While hitting against a wall is great practice when you don’t have a hitting partner, if you are looking for additional ways to take practice up a notch, you can look into investing in a tennis ball machine. Ball machines are particularly helpful for practicing your groundstrokes, volleys and overhead smash shots.

For players that put their rackets through intense daily training, it might pay off to invest in a tennis racket stringing machine. Not only will it pay for itself over the long run (string jobs can add up if you are having them done regularly at a shop), but it allows you to experiment with string tensions that are best suited for you.

Stringing your own rackets also allows for better quality control, though it may take some practice the first few times. Since you will be stringing your rackets on a regular basis, you will likely want to invest in a few reels of tennis string.

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